Costs of a hobby...

... this hobby, in particular. It's now been around 10 years since I started with Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game. An elegant system with beutiful models - models that were and still are of normal proportions. The models have since crept up in size to perhaps better fit in with Warhammer and/or Warhammer 40 000, or just because people like larger models because they are a tad easier to paint. I know not and care not.
      No, that's wrong, I do care: Because I just got me a missent and abused parcel (sent via the idiotic Swedish Post, lovingly AKA "Posten") which contained, amongst other things, two blisters: One with an Arnor Command and the other with a High Elf Command. The Arnor-guys are huuuuge in comparison - even though both are metal... Still, it is not an issue, just a little note.
     So, where am I going with this? Here goes: The costs over the year have been stable, despite all the ridiculous price rises, and I realized that my way of buying have been a sound way to go about: I have bought things I necessarily didn't "needed" or wanted particularily much at the time just because they have been on sale. It doesn't happen often, mind you, when it comes to GW-stuff - unless you go onto the web-auction places, but that's a whole other dimension for a not-so-good-with-internet person like me.

Costs between late 2002 and early 2013 were around 34 000 SEK. That's around 320 GBP a year. A reasonable sum, if I may say. So, what did I get for all those money-dollars? Around one thousand and nine-hundred-eighty-something models of which cirka 1300 are painted... probably more. I have also found the wonderful world of podcasting, through the World's End Radio episode about War of the Ring. Now I am listening to the awful show the Blacksun, the nice ramblings of Neil Shuck and still secretly hope that Podhammer will return.
     I can't say that I have made any new friends, but that wasn't my intention, I have plenty of those as it is, but I have made some nice acquintances (acquisition and acquintance are two words that are difficult to spell) through some forums and this blog.

All in all, I must say that this is a hobby well worth the costs. All the joy of creation and building and fixing, I can't think of a cheaper hobby compared to what I've gotten - especially the Mantic Undead Army, which I bought two boxes of (220 models total from those two boxes) and the Mahdist Ansars from Perry Miniatures.
    I have even bought a couple of WHFB/WH40K boxes. I can't bring myself to throw the bits I know will never get used, so I am going to give them to someone in need at some forum or other. Can't imagine anyone reading here wanting this:

It really is a bunch of crap-bits, but again, I can't bring myself to throw it away...

Next up: Updated army-pictures of Rhûn and the start of the finish of the Edheldu army!

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  1. Bigger pic of the bits please! I might take that banner off your hand. And it looks like an arm holding a spear there -- I needs me some spear arms. And whats wrong with the horse? Is it just too big? I wants me some horses always!

  2. My dearest Frodo.

    As well you know, these are WHFB-things and as such are approximately 150% larger than Lotoroftheringsgrejer.

    The picture were sized smaller so as to fit better on the Warhammer Forum. I gave those gay fellas almost two hours to PM me but none did so EEEEFFFF them! I threw it away but I will save the parts that aren't directly hurting my eyes.

    The hands are laughingly large.

    Chooo 'len! Wooooooh!

  3. By the way, what did you think of the @n@l Excel-sheet and the costs published upon as well?

    I smartly omitted the rest of the 600-row document to avoid snide remarks of being serial-killer-ish with the costs and numbers of my hobby. Ha-hrm.

  4. Hello,
    is it necessary to have a hobby? Yes, it is! It keeps us mentally stable!
    I do not know about you, but I am married with two daughters - teenagers! I also live in Greece, where crisis brought a dark cloud over our heads! I have a lot of obligations and only one right! My hobby, and it is one and only! I do not have any other. I spent some money on this, yes, but not a lot. Especially these days, here in Greece, GW models are very cheap! Why? Because all the shops try to get rid of the last boxes, blisters, etc. They do not import anymore. The other day, I bought a blister of Dwarf Warrior Bowmen for 4 euros, it costs 13 euros according to GW catalogue!
    That was all I wanted to confess! Anyway, keep painting - keep playing - keep posting and above all be happy!

    1. It is indeed important to have a hobby. And as you say, not only for the enjoyment - but also for relaxation and in the longer run, I suppose mental stability.

      I must say I find it highly amusing that something as good as cheap minis can come out of the deep economical crises of Greece!

      As a sidenote, which you can read on the newest post, I just bought a full price blister of Saruman and Grima :X At 16 EUR I surprised myself when I found the Visa-card in my hand... swiping it and gladly paying up! It was a blister I REALLY needed ;)

      Thank you for your comment, I always appreciate your musings!

  5. I know what you mean. I find it costs a lot but at the end of the day it's a beautiful hobby. I find it better than video games (too limited for me) and i can be creative and learn new stuff about history i love. In short HOBBY IS MY LIFE! :D

    1. Better than videogames indeed!

      Especially when it comes to the nitty gritty of historical wargaming (or the lore of Arda) which I have always had a respect for: The knowledge many guys over at the different forums hold is impressing.

      The point of this little post is though, if you compare it to the younglings when they "go out" (night club) in this country, they can easily pay 2000 SEK a month, easily - money lent by the state for their studies or by us taxpayers via the rather generous welfare we give them. Or compare it to any hobby, really - I mean guys fixing with cars, philatelists, nuemismathics (sounds like a decease with my bad spelling) home decoration etc etc, it costs much more!

      To then pay, like me, no more than 4000 SEK a year is nothing! In fact, I think I must increase my allowance for LotR and the miniatures-hobby ;D