Hazy Clump Foliage & Easterlings

As Friday is growing old, the Easterlings are growing bored of my slow speed. The "progress" on these models have been unusually slow. What's been done then? Well, since I've been waiting for my polyurethane to arrive from continental Europe I haven't been able to start working on the trays since the intention is to make my own holed trays, like the official ones, but for a fraction of the cost and double the enjoyment. Other than waiting I did a mock-up of the command tray for the backbone formation of the Grand Army of the Crazy King of Rhûn:

The dude which holds his fist and carries an ugly DIY-spear will be the main handler. The War Priest will not be on the lion's base - he's a placeholder. The banner bearer with a bare head I am pleased with and Amdûr as well - he got himself a little piece of ivory on his base.

I dread the moment when the rest of the army will be repainted. Red on black undercoat isn't a great idea. So what I've been doing is painting the really heavy Ceramite White (from Citadel) on the raised areas of the fabric on the models and then just washed it with undiluted Blood Red from CdA! It might just be that I've happened to put some extra water in the container, because I have nothing bad to say about CdA - Coat d'Arm's colours are great.

In other news I've been working and getting annoyed at my neighbours, as usual.
     One of the neighbours (actually one of the guys involved in the alledged shooting here a few months ago) lost something in the stairs yesterday. It was actually a bag of clump foliage! It smells quite strong however, so when a friend said he'd gladly buy it (for an unexpectedly substantial sum of money) I was really pleased. I had no idea he was interested in terrain...

My neighbour's clump foliage...

Anyway, some thanks should go out to some of the inspirational hobbyists out there. I didn't make this piece below:

This lion-thing is a filler for a High Elf WHFB-army. When looking for miniature lions this one was found. Can't remember where, but I do remember I hadn't strayed that far from LotR-related blogs, so if the creator recognize this, thank you for the inspiration.
       Other things that are related to this whole project:

Luckily, mr Delkore printed his name on his images, so my thanks goes to you.
    I can also present an extremely humble beginning of the war-automaton that a war priest will steer with some magic rock or something like it. I will use basically the same technique as when sculpting the Great Beast of Gorgoroth: A core of something easily moldable that doesn't need drying or curing. A thin basic layer of Super Sculpey and then a second layer of Super Sculpey to bulk it up slightly. After those stages, the model should have its basic shapes done enough so sculpting with kneadatite can be done without too much of a hassle.

Have a nice weekend fellow hobbyists, gamers and etceteras.

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  1. "Clump foliage" - hilarious! The mean streets of Stockholm (?)

  2. Hehehe... mean streets in the general area of Grand Stockholm, indeed.

    This clump foliage would've been better for the Dilettante Gamer as he finishes his master thesis I suppose. I hope it all went well with your writing!