The Council of Wizardry, part two!

Part two with an exclamation mark!
    Basecoating is done. Some washes have been applied... I foresee waaay too much painting on this project before it looks how I want it. Not to mention how to finish the tray to make it look how I wanted it originally. An enjoyable project, nevertheless.

A shattered shield and a book was the two symbols I settled with.
    Naurandir is the rock-guy. I am experimenting with some red pattern on his clothes, but the model doesn't work as well with my shaky free-handing as I had expected. Red will be the spot-colour for this project, but applied extremely conservative. White will appear on most of the models, in some form... the shield might get a red paintjob... it's either that or a simple orc-metal colour.

The original inspiration:

Who's the unnamed sixth wizard though?

A llama-egg to celebrate the biggest mish-mash holiday ever made in Western Society: Easter! And with a llama-egg, I think we've topped it...

3 kommentarer:

  1. nice work. I particularly like the way Radagast came out with all the additional birds. The two blue wizards look pretty cool in the group as well.

  2. They look cool, even part finished!

  3. Many thanks guys :)

    I should have made a pratice tray before this one - I can't seem to get the area around the slots to to look like all the other cool projects one can see out there on the web, but I am working on it - at least to make it look sort of 'realistic'. Some of those "nitty gritty" experts are just to darn good ;J At least something to strive for.