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It is Saturday, I've just finished a heavy meal and some playing of Drakborgen with a friend. Just thought I'd give a minor update for my own benefit, to remind what needs be doing in the world of War of the Ring and the Strategy Battle Game.

Firstly, welcome to the sidebar:

- The Dilettante Gamer. A highly interesting blog that seems quite young? I have especially enjoyed the Song of Fire and Ice-stuff. And of course the creator's humble description of himself: "A typical middle-age white guy who enjoys beer... "
- 50 mm Game Room by Danisnotatree and Steveisatree. Don't be fooled by the "50mm" in the title - there are a lot for us 28'ers there. A wide bredth of stuff.
- Wargaming with Barks. Another blog with lots of different well done things. Highly entertaining.

There are more on the list to add, but we'll settle for these three for this week...

Secondly, I couldn't resist the stupidly expensive Men of Dale, they should arrive the end of next week or the week thereafter. I can't even say I am ashamed of myself.
    Thertiary, I have read four novels about Ciaphas Cain. 40-kayers might know this character. He's like a watered down Horatio Hornblower in space, which means he is likeable but just likeable because the character isn't deep enough for me. Still, his characteristics are straight and simple but the repetition of them are a bit like "this is a very important part of the Commisar's person and you must know it to... " etc. This is not a review so I stop myself here.
     Fourthiary, the Men of Dale are accompanied by some other things that hopefully will be on its way soon inch'allah, in particular some more goblins. I have a tonne of gobbos to fix up... They will be done before the end of this year, mark my words!
     Fifth: I have made some promises here and there to do this and that within the hobby, so I will trawl through the old blog and see exactly what. I suspect I made a comment on Rough WotR about my reworking of the WotR-rules, and on another blog boasted about playing more SBG... so that's something to work with; more SBG, more WotR and revisit the rules-project.

Sixth: Find a secure file-host that aren't filled with virus-commercials so I can upload some nice PDF's collected over the years. No IP-infringing or copyright-messing things, though.

And so, the final and seventh thing before rest and the last cup of java:

Thank you FoB, el Zorro and others for your feedback when working with the (now) highly enjoyable Easterling/Rhûn project. I want to crowbar in something like this:

Of course not as over-the-top as the one closest to this text, but somewhere in-between. And now you think: What on earth is he on about?
     The inspiration comes again from MERP: A story about a half-orc with skills in magic somewhere in Middle-Earth (can't remember where) and his special elite breed of orcs (could've been named Scara-hai?). This half-orc or half-troll had a special "offering" cauldron, some sort of "unsound" stone or rock - not totally  unlike the seeing-stones of Númenor, the palantirs, with the big differences of: One, the half orc had to meditate and "sink" into the stone with his mind and then he could take control of this wolf-like stone creature and secondly, he was sort of part of the wolf-golem on the battlefield and could take some minor damage if the stone-creature was "mortally" wounded.
    The players of this adventure had to stop him and his sect and destroy the shrine etc. But this whole golem-thing was interesting. I shall see how I can work it in with the Easterling war-priests... This one I will not give any rules but just make for pure enjoyment. And I have always had a soft spot for sphinxes...

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  1. Thanks for the link- keep up the good work!

  2. Just saw that you've been doing some polyurethane stuff. Wonderful material! I will make some DIY movement trays so I got a package from Germany yesterday. Yay!