New Podhammer episode!

Is it true or just an evil April 1st joke?! The time stamp says it was produced late February... so I guess it is not a joke then.

Podhammer episode 96... Jeff von Podhammer seems to be out of the picture, but Kendall and someone else is there, I think he is called Kent Fury. So it is sort of the same thing.

Mantic have listed some of their upcoming releases that were planned in their Kickstarter-project. The things I am looking forward to are:

- Undead Mummies. Just want to see how they made them...
- Undead Werewolves - for the Angmar army.
- Basilean High Priest. Again, just a pure interest in the looks of this model. Feels like the humans can be really hit or miss with Mantic behind the wheel.
- Basilean Girly Fighters, or whatever they're called. If they could, perhaps, be used for some sort of Haradrim-project. This is something I have no base for, I am just judging by the name. If they are armoured, then forget it. But most often, female models are half naked = easy to convert.

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