The Council of Wizardry - Part One

As I have felt a little burnt after renovating the whole Rhûn army (and not yet 100% done), I had first intended to fix up my very high-theme Edheldu army only to find it was totally fine - most of the elves still need a lick of paint, but as a whole, the project is done as it is. Since I was already in a wood-theme state of mind I finally began the project of The Council of Wizardry, featuring Alatar and Pallando! Naurandír and Sûlrandir, as the rulebook calls them.
    I am a big fan of gene/meme-parallells and of symbolism and such, so I gave this project a whole lot of different hints of the dynamics of the group. This is something that felt important since the five models are quite different and can't really be tied together with a unified paint-scheme.

In the middle naturally we have Saruman. He has an owl behind him - for the obvious knowledge-symbol, but also to put him closer to Radagast, which stands to his left, or our right.
    Radagast is surrounded by birds and have the only leafed branch on the whole tray. In front of him we have Naurandir which I decided was going to be a little different from the other blue wizard (whom is profficient in lightning and skies and such) - his blue colour will be tied to minerals and rocks instead and that's why he wears clothes that somewhat ties him in with the dwarves. Geographically, I find it okay as well. Some of the dwarves are quite eastwardly placed, so... He holds a staff which will made to be looking like diabas.
   And so on... in the front middle I will put two, maybe three artifacts that tie in to either their mission, purpose or just some sort of decoration... we'll see...

If the beards and staffs won't tie the project together, I hope all my thinking/planning and symbolism will help it cohere.

An instructive image to finish it off:

Find one wrong with the picture above. One wrong that also coincide with something in Naurandir's proximity. Don't have the patience to look? I'll tell you, the Bone(r) Dragon (which was pulled from HoMM3 because of the disturbing "detail") and the stones in front of Naurandir (top image) looks alike... I am not sure if I will have to redo it to avoid people thinking "Oh, one of the wizards is summoning penises" instead of: "Wow, awesome wizards without penises sticking out of the ground!"
    With penises firmly out of the way, I have a question: What on earth is this thing refering to? Is it about the actual button [F4] that is never used, or is it something wholly different?

Nevertheless, it looks cute and funny...
   See you in a while! Have a fine Easter!

2 kommentarer:

  1. When you pointed out that it was actually a boner dragon it became ten times as scary as when I first though it was a regular bone dragon.

    When first seeing the wizards I actually thought "those are some nice wizards who by chance appears to not be summoning penises". To play safe you might want to give the r..ocks some sharper structure.

  2. I painted them grey instead of flesh coloured so it seems they now look more like stones.