The Five Istari, part three

Easter came and passed, at least for us here in old Svedala where the main celebration was during the Saturday, not the Sunday. I had no visits from the little witches that usually come and give Easter-cards and expect candy and/or money. Which was okay with me because last years witches had made such poor cards I did almost not want to give them anything.
     I went away on the Long Friday and met some friends, got home in the evening and celebrated the Saturday with a couple of other people - it was a very calm and almost frugal weekend. But today, when I was alone I went all out: Kebab for breakfast! Bam, 1400kCal! Dinner: 0,3 kg of candy! Bam, 1200kCal! Evening dinner (what about second breakfast?): Salmon and potatoe, 700kCal! The "other" was sodas and some other things, around 300 extra kCals. A grand total of around 3600kCal. Aaah, that's the way you celebrate the upcoming rich year with good harvests and general fertility: By eating what our good Lord provide us.

I could just spend the hours between food (too tired by the downing after the initial sugar-rush) reading an American debutant's multicultural mess of a novel. But it was unexpectedly good. Teju, I believe his name is.
      And the last few hours of the day I spent on phase three on the Istari. Normally, there are three phases in my modeling. But these are going to get FIVE phases! What? Five phases?! Yes. I will actually try to up my game somewhat.

Flash Gordon's staff look like shit, I'll try to have it redone by next weekend.

Thanks to these images I see clearly what needs to be done. Except for the faces which need a lot of love, some more work on the Blue Wizards' staffs, there are numerous little pieces of sand here and there that needs removing and then repainting. The shield and book MUST get some treatment, but I'm getting lazy, so we'll see what happens there.

Have a good upcoming weekend good people! Go with Christ, bro'!

PS) Almost forgot: I did get a nice little April's Fool joke off. On a certain aviator that I know. I think mr FoB might want to know the details, yes? Let me hear if that is the case...

PPS) Jamie of Rough War (of the Ring) posted a wishlist that I really enjoyed. Go visit if you haven't found his place on the web yet. He sometimes posts very good battle reports. Something I will try to do in the future... well, at least post a battle report, not necessarily a good one :J

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  1. Lovely work here, Llama! Bravo!

  2. Yay! Only sad thing is I have to work extra-long days this week, so the painting'll have to wait 'til Sunday.