GW pre-order models, April 2013

I didn't get me this month's WD so I am not entirely sure of how new and shiny these models are. They are shown in the "Pre-orders"-section, so my best guess is that they featured in the current April-issue.

The captain of Dale looks utter garbage :D

And as a last little thing: Over at Tell me a Tale, Great or Small... an insightful and highly enjoyable read about soft lists in tournaments.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Most of these figures are just collectors pieces... how many Gandalfs do we need to play the game, after all? Same with Bilbo. The Gollum figure is characerful but its not a gaming piece... I can't see many scenarios where he'll look right sat in his boat with a fish...
    I'n not a fan of the Dale figuers and the captain just mirrors that... The Thrain figure is Ok but is 'just another dwarf hero' really.
    And the prices are still rediculous... so I think I'll pass...

    1. Agreed - way overpriced, and not a major fan of the look of the Dale warriors or captain. It's a shame, too, as I'm pretty sure Bard is going to be a beast as a ranged hero.

      Thanks for the update, Llama!

  2. I agree with Scott. I bought the Hobbit limited edition box from all these new GW Hobbit miniatures and nothing else so far. I will give Thrain a second thought though!

    1. They are overpriced AND in failcast. I am in total agreement with Scott as well - but as you say, Panagiotis, Thrain looks interesting. Maybe one can convert something and use the pictures as a blueprint, because say what you want about GW, the models are well done. But then again, the prices...