Mixing it up a little bit.

... with the help of Heroes of Might and Magic III, or HoMM3 as it can be called when you prefer to type 5 characters instead of around 30.

HoMM3 is a rather old PC-game (PC as in Personal Computer, not Politically Correct) which has a very high fantasy theme. Regardless, I like it. It has seven or eight different factions, all with a very mixed unit roaster - the idea seems to be to have a very big spread of types of creatures and humanoids instead of the normal way (I.E. a mountain-faction might consist of only different types of dwarves, which IMO is more "realistic" and feels better), however, this is one of Heroes of Might and Magic's characteristics and I gladly accept it.
    When I am talking about mixing it up a little bit, I mean that I am a little tired of painting goblins, so instead, I'll just do a novelty (or whatever it is called) and make one representative of each of the seven units from a random faction of HoMM3. I chose Rampart. A foresty, good alignement with centaurs, dwarves, wood elves, pegasi, dendroids (tree-dudes), unicorns and green dragons. These can each be upgraded to a slightly better version and gets a new and fancier name, ex. Silver Pegasus.
   The old Rampart, from HoMM2 contained phoenix(-es?) which I really liked, so these nice models will fit the bill perfectly:

Image from Pins o fWar.

I have collected some pieces and will probably work a little on this project just as an extra layer of relaxation, whilst drinking an uneccessary extra cup of coffee. Just a lot of extras, to put it simply.

To the winner of Number of Nice, mr McInnes, I am waiting for a reply from Games Workshop about some goblins I've been having some troubles with. When they get back to me I'll be able to pack your parcel and send it on its way. These last three weeks I've sent four or five small parcels to the UK and the USA and only one have been confirmed to having arrived to its recipient... Postal services all over the world, you have my respect... not...

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