Finished Grim Hammerers.

And the beginning of the end for my Misty Mountains army. Time to deal with these models once and for all. The army is almost too big:

- 9 companies of Goblins with shields and full command + Bat Swarm (DIY-rule). Themed trays and bases.
- 4 companies of Goblin Archers. Themed trays and bases.
- 1 Cave Drake with barely themed base.
- 9 companies of Wargs. Barely themed trays and bases. The 5 wolves from 40K look good though.
- 2 Cave Trolls.
- 3 companies of Gundabad Blackshield with lots of conversions.
- 1 Dragon of Ancient Times. DIY... not that great...
- 4 companies of Giant Spiders.

Left to do:

- Goblins from the Hobbit. 36-37 of them.
- Goblin King - will become a Cave Troll.
- Gundabad Blackshield command. Finally found some discount ones! 75 SEK for a blister full of metal, yay!
- Goblin Drummers. To replace my DIY drum. Also a sweet discount.
- Goblin Contraption.
- Giant Bats to increase the chaotic goblin-feelilng of the trays. The silhouette of them fits well with the large warbands of zerging goblins.
- DIY-goblins that looks kind of crappy.
- One company of Moria Goblin Prowlers.

Speedpainting is the solution to the above - especially with my goblins which I really enjoy in large, chaotic groups. And I've never particulary liked painting goblins. We'll see if it will turn out differently this time.

Below are the finished Grim Hammerers, I skipped the last phase - tidying up and some fine highlightning as well as different coloured beards - because I didn't feel like finishing them to a much better standard than my other dwarves. Still, I will go back and fix the dragon scales because you can barely see them, and when you do, they look like green bills or leaves...

Also, you can see naked green stuff on the coins. The reason for this is because my work-station is on the dark side of the apartment and the sunlight just comes in for a little glimpse at early evenings this time of the year. So when I finally time it right to take a picture the models look totally new to me, it's like I've found them and see them for the first time when put in the sunlight. This picture is the first one with actual sunlight as lightsource in over a year!

In fact, you might have noticed I stopped complain about the lack of sun because it wasn't fun at all. Seriously, there's more sunlight on Pluto than it is here! I look and will soon start to behave like a ghoul!

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  1. Good job on those dwarves. How did you do the coins on the bases?

    1. I answered this one but it dissapeared... let's wait a while to see if it comes back...

      Anyway, thanks for positive critique :)

    2. Okay, it dissappeared so here goes again: I rolled a little piece of green stuff into a tube (not hollow, of course), let it harden and then took my not-so-trustworthy scalpel and sliced it up. In waaay to large bits, one needs cutting really super fine or else it looks like thick pieces of salami-sausages instead of gold coins :J

  2. I just saw your message! Sorry, but where I was the last three days, I didn't have access to internet.
    Go to your "blogger page" and select "Layout".
    Press "Add a Gadget".
    Select "Blog list". Then "Add a blog to your list".
    Now, open a new tab and visit the blog you want to add, so that you can copy its URL. Copy the URL, press "Add" and that's it!
    P.S. Nice Grim Hammers by the way! I saw that you convert a couple of two-handed Dwarf Warriors as GH! Very nice idea!

    1. BIG cyber thanks! Expect a cyber-cookie :) I am busy with boring stuff tonight, but tomorrow I expect to have this done, finally!

  3. Those Grimhammers look great! The Dwarf Warrior conversions blend in really well with them too

    1. You think so? I was a bit hesitant on them blending in, so I was a bit sloppy with the painting on them in case I change my mind and added som GS! But I'll let them stay as they are.

  4. "zerging goblins" - made me laugh.

    Nice work Llama. your painting skills are getting better and better.