Grim Hammerers - Phase Two

Just some pics today. Finished typing some other things from work so I'm rather tired of keyboards.

I trimmed down one of the corners on one of the movement trays because I had some unstable idea about the back company looking "kewler", but it didn't work out so well. I blame the bad light.

Left to do for phase three: A few dragon scales, the troll head, trimming the gold a little bit and the best of all: Scattered gold coins! I am considering blood spatter which is something I've steered clear off during these 10 years of hobby... there's a first for everything I suppose...

EDIT: Competition: Count the number of times the word "nice" is used in this review of Escape from Goblin Town. First to post the correct answer will win a goblin from the box. Free postage included.

7 kommentarer:

  1. they are coming along nicely. I really like the red and gold scheme.

    personally, I'm not a fan of blood splatter - at least not on "Good" armies. It's one thing if it is a rabble of orcs, but for elite armies of good, the polished, ready-for-battle look is better.

  2. Yeah, I think this nudged me in the right direction. Good armies, as you said, shouldn't have that. Blood will NOT be painted! Thanks!

  3. Great looking unit of Dwarves!

    1. Thanks, Scott!

      These are some fine GW-models, but the price was concordedly GW-ridiculous - good thing I like unit fillers!

  4. Btw, I follow your blog closely, I'm not just randomly jumping in for the prtize. ;)

    I haven't bothered commented before, but I really like your normal dwarf warrior to grim hammer conversions, they blend in superbly!

  5. Yay! We have a winner! Daniel McInnes.

    Seven "nices". Around 5-6 times too much, there are other adjectives, but I didn't seem to know that at the time of writing.

    Contact me at the Warhammer Forum, username Mawo and I'll send you a couple of gobbos!