Swan Chariot, part one

So, I decided to run with it. The Swan Chariot-project. A swan pulled sky-chariot piloted by elves. I recommend read the ramblings posted before for the correct history behind this demented idea. Never will it be used in a battle of War of the Ring or SBG, it's just too out of context with the rest of the armies.
     What's been done then?

Six of the eight sides to be feathered are done but I am spent on sculpting wings I have no real idea how to do - despite around twenty images of swans that I've looked at during sculpting. The problem isn't the anatomy (granted, I mixed up ALL the different swan wings into one "fantasy" swan-wing) but the way it will look when painted: Rarely do one notice individual feathers on a bird in flight and especially so with white water-living birds since they have these perfectly designed little fluff-feathers at strategic places.
    So we'll see how this goes: First a sort of raw sculpt where I finish the basic shapes and a few extras (feet!), then prime it and paint it sloppily to see how it looks. And then try to make some ad-hoc solutions to make it seem full of speed and sort of... living. The heads will be interesting to try give character. I can't imagine an animal with less joy in their faces...

Yeah, that's where you belong: In BAGS!

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  1. I'll be keeping a close eye on this :-)

  2. Nice to hear, I would greatly appreciate a critical view on these guys. This turned out more difficult than I thought - I have earlier made a bird that looks like a flying turd, so birds aren't really my cup of tea. Might be because I don't really fancy them. At all. Except for the generic group of nordic blackbirds, of course, intelligent little bastards they are.