Tomorrow's Harvest - Boards of Canada 2013!

Some news not related to our hobby:

Found over at WATMM-forums... alleged 2013 Boards of Canada release.

Tomorrow's Harvest by Boards of Canada contains:
  • Gemini
  • Reach For The Dead
  • White Cyclosa
  • Jacquard Causeway
  • Telepath
  • Cold Earth
  • Transmisiones Ferox
  • Sick Times
  • Collapse
  • Palace Posy
  • Split Your Infinities
  • Uritual
  • Nothing Is Real
  • Sundown
  • New Seeds
  • Come To Dust
  • Semena Mertvykh

If this is not a joke, then thank you formenverwandler and LOL Alzado for linking to the breadcrumble trail of hints and codes.

Example of BoC's earlier works: Dawn Chorus and Daywan Cowboy. They have a tonne of other even better songs. This is very good music, it is difficult to ever listen to anything else after having listened to their creations - that is the only negative I have to say about Boards of Canada.
    Total fan-boy overload...

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