Grim Hammerers - Phase One

Now I have put both the Rhûn-project and the Five Istari-tray aside, to mix things up. Too much painting gets me tired, so it's time for some modeling.

Another dwarf will be added, just like when I did the Hunter Orcs. They, like these models, came in an even dozen at a preposterous cost!
     Again, two models will be converted to fit in two of the four empty slots in the two movement trays (holds 16 models) - two models from the sprue of the first Dwarf Warriors that were released for Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game more than... what is it now, six years ago(?) - and two fillers will take the last two open slots in the trays. I could've gone the way like with the Edheldu Elf project which was to simply fill the holes in the trays and add interesting terrain, but these trays are supposed to be inside an orderly cave that has been civilized so there's a limit to the battle damage I dare doing. Not to mention I want to keep them simple in case they are to be snugly fit in my current dwarf army which has simple, flat trays with just some static grass on them...
    I guess the overall plan is to upgrade those twenty or so movement trays!

This little image below illustrates how much work I have been doing. To go the down the fish-stick route is a slippery slope indeed, and next you know, you're standing in front of the local kebab place ordering your breakfast there. Oops, already did that four days ago...

The sinful lazy cooking of fishsticks can be explained with me being totally burnt from work:
      There was a total distaster there a few days ago and I played the not so great main-character. Sort of an anti-hero if you will.

I had a little story here, explaining the mess I made at work but I cut it, figuring my Llama-identity wasn't safe. It wasn't overly dramatic, just me not really knowing what to do in the section I got the responsibility over.

Back to fishfingers and Grim Hammerers then? The only thing I really don't like is the cave troll's head on one of the bases. It has clearly been cut off, but the supposed beheader is wielding a warhammer... I'll leave it there, clearly the dwarf killed a troll and later cut its head off.

Latest news comes from mr Flower of Battle tonight. I know other blogs have reported this, but FoB:s stood out because he's been silent for a while... A little something about Gripping Beast's Generic Dark Age Warriors. Good for Wildmen of Dunland.

Also cut a rant about companies here. Which sympthomatically ended with:

"     ... this turned into a rant and I forgot whatever point was to be made, hahahah! That's all for tonight I think... "

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