Winner of the "Number of Nice" Competition

Congratulations Daniel McInnes. A "couple" of gobbos will be sent to you wherever you live in the wide world. "A couple" means anywhere the wide spectrum of 1, 2 or even 3! Not specified type either. With bad luck, you'll get a batch of my own failcast goblins!

The correct answer was of course seven (7). Seven times did the word "nice" appear on this post.

Competition announced here, here and here. It was sort of a way for me to celebrate finally taking the plunge into the icecold waters of TMP... I know FoB have spent some time there and actually liked/tolerated it, so I figured, if he can, so can I...

The proud Llama-God of Competition* (an actual Indian deity!) 
 brings joy and minis to grown up kids all over the world.

That's all for today. I think I'll announce another competition later on, if just one person take part, I'll be just as happy. Spreading the joys of our hobby around :)

And thank you Panagiotis for the help with my sidebar. Now I am just like all the rest of the boys in the class and have a proper sidebar with freshly updated blog-links! I might have promised a cyber cookie, but the internet is all out, sadly... considering mr Dramatic got himself two Gulavhars almost for free (while we have to try to sculpt our own up here in the cold) I believe he's just as well off without a cyber cookie, hmph!

As last news this Friday I have some postal information: I have sent four small parcels this month. Two to the UK and two to the States. None have arrived. I am especially interested in the one sent to Games Workshop Freemail the 4th this month. Granted, I forgot to give them the email used when talking about sending back some bad models, but since I enclosed them, the matter should be quite clear? Is there anyone with an opinion or experience on this?

*) Hindi: Pedjukidaki llamadefta. प्रतियोगिता के लामा देवता.

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