Future hobby plans.

This post has the characteristics of a unit filler and in many ways, it is.

I was going to list my future plans but time is limited a the moment, so we'll settle with Swedish Ordinary Meal Time giving a walkthrough on how to assemble a box of Warhammer 40000-models. Linky.

I'll probably post something pertinent to hobby tomorrow... Last Sunday I actually worked, as well as last Friday night, so there's been a lot of that going around meaning very little time over for hobby.

True to the format of this blog, I avoid lifting serious issues and will not comment on the very bad things that happened in Boston, but still, my thoughts go to the victims and their families...

EDIT: The coffee gave me strength to post this picture which shows what needs be doing with the Edheldu Wood Elf army:

Painting of the eagles, the banner on the Wood Elf and a whole lot of crap. I would also like to add some more nature things on the trays and some small animals...

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  1. I've sent you an important email. Look at it asap please.


    1. Dear "Anonym" or "FoB". Whilst three days have gone and I am wide awake and well fed I still haven't gotten the time to send you this message in a bottle. I am sikh in the head. Furthermore, I have now read the message you wrote to me and sent via the magical flute-tunes of the internet - tudueluuuuu(!) - and can tell you that "no, no such thing will happen" because I received information that a certain desert spirit had already sent you the items in question. Furthermore, rumours say you might be inbound to the ultimate norths within a forseeable future. I expect gifts. Best luck to all of you, yours sincerely mr Wall of Text, PhD.

  2. They do look like a spectacular army to place on the table. I would like to see some wood elf cavalry riding into battle on Lamas. Now that would be something.

    1. XD I think I have to make a little 28 mm llama now.