Elven Sky Chariot and "Five-O"

Elf Sky Chariot. The riders will be a little mixture of high elves and galadhrim warriors. Bodies and weapons: Galadhrim. Heads and shields: High elves.

The swans are turning out okay but not as sleek as I wanted them. I am really pleased with the first one's head who got some sort of personality. Planning for the difficulty to align these in a safe and secure way from the beginning will make it easier when going to the next phase:

A majority of the parts collected in front of me. Base is a polyurethane-copy with thrashed edges that might or might not get polished and GS'd. The blueprints for the little boat-chariot is hidden below the oval base but it is a simple construction, really.

Other local news for today
Police arrested two of my criminal neighbours today. Finally. They almost ran over two of the four in the process of "stopping" them. Later, a rusty white wan arrived and I figured it was either friends with the crims that were going to start a fight (as the crims do nowadays since they have almost no respect for our Swedish law enforcers) or just some onlookers, but it turned out to be some sort of undercover wan that collected the bikes and bags of all four of the guys. A short walk home for two of them.
    This hopefully means slightly fewer hobby-disruptions.

One of my idiot-neighbours can be seen to the left, under control by a police officer that didn't make the shoot. Or didn't take the shot, as I half hoped for, moahahaha!

This is how a true "biker gang" rolls.

5 kommentarer:

  1. The chariot is coming along well. I'm impressed by the feathers you ave managed to sculpt. Looking forward to it reaching completion.

  2. Thanks! I rushed them (though it took three evenings after work) and would like to redo both pairs now that I have primed them :/

  3. ... talking about the wings, of course.

  4. You... sculpted... those?!?!
    utterly incredible!

    1. Many thanks mr E.J J! They're rather large so it wasn't that difficult. Especially considering I haven't posted a clear image of all the little faults and thumbprints!