General Blogging Update (GBU)

EDIT No 2: After reading this pointless little piece of text I have added some good news in Llama-GW-relations which I encourage you, dear and in fact respected, reader to look at.

Changed the template to this more reader-friendly look. Got tired of the old brown look but mainly because it didn't work well with my portable computer, or "laptop" as one might say. But as always, it was slightly difficult to do and I got the feeling of "one doesn't simply change the layout in Blogger".

Turns out it was my old stationary which I have standing besides my hobby desk that seemed to be the problem. Not Blogger... sorry Blogger for throwing crap at you for circa 5 years.

And here follows a few little inspirational pictures for a swan chariot.

I especially like this one. Where a man with a single incredibly skinny leg and with two left arms is standing in a baby carriage throwing a broken spear. For locomotion he wisely chose a barfing dog with glued on wings.

And above we can enjoy a dog sitting in the air (also with the highly fashionable bluetacked wings) while winged horses are playing tag with two civilians and a dog. An archer shoots friendly arrows in a merry game of Valentine's Arrow. Below are portrayed the four rejects that would forever have to play on the bottom floor, listening to the happy games of the cool kids on the top floor. One of them looked into the camera when the shot was taken and was later ridiculed for this.

After posting this, I will take to reading Klaus Heisler's latest novel: Shut your mouth. It seems like an okay read. Good night, one and all.

Ooops, forgot this link. Fieldsofblood talking about Forums versus Blogs. A good read. Probably better than Klaus' latest from Olympus Pre... sorry, Goldfish Press.

Some readers might remember that I had some problems with my Escape from Goblin Town-box: FoB suggested the problems with the loose hands and weapons (with rather strange, conical breaks on three or four joints) might stem from removing the sprues too fast from the moulds. And so, I did something I very rarely do: I complained. And got answers and suggestions what to do from GW customer services. Not only were they polite, the person answering me also stated his name AND he could actually spell and format his e-mail!
    Now, you might think this is common decency, but I say no, not in this country it is. Common decency is all very unlike my bank, internet-provider, insurance-company, stores I shop in, ANY state-run business or services etc in this former nice little country we know as Sweden. With the exception for figurspel.se which always delivers in time and are behaving like they want others to treat them.

This was all good in itself and to actually get some sort of positive response made me much less annoyed with the premium priced models being broken. However, weeks later, when I did the "Number of Nice" contest, the goblins again became current in my hobbylife and I decided to do as suggested in the email: Either go to the "highstreet gw" or send them to GW Freepost Europe, or something similar. As I do not know anything about this "highstreet gw" I sent them by mail.
     And waited. And waited. But today, they explained the delay and said they'd be sending a whole new box to me! This was surprising, for me at least, used to Swedish customer services as well as any form of state-run business/service-place and it's Soviet-alike workforce. So, GW gets five stars out of five, from me for this. And not only for giving me new goblins, as I have tried to explain above.

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  1. Good to hear to when customer service delivers!

  2. Yes, I was happy to share something positive about this company which so many has a love/hate-relationship with. Understandably, though...

    By the way, you wouldn't happen to know what the "highstreet gw"-thingie means?