Hobbits from 1:72 peasants?

... is this possible? I think it is worth a try. I really wanted a batch of hobbits for my upcoming Arnor army.

Time to throw bottles at my neighbours. Good night one and all!

Grand EDIT: Removed a large portion of text for obvious ice-related reasons.

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  1. Definitely. You just need to take their shoes off. A better option than buying the limited range, and expensive, GW options

    1. The best part is, they were slightly larger than the (few) hobbits I had, so when I will cut off their feet they'll get the right height.

      Only problem is the material they're made of: Polyethylene, which for me at least, feels like painting a teflone-frying pan. If I drown them in armypainter sprayed basecoat, then maybe they'll take the paint...