Swan drawn chariot.

You may remember me typing a thing or two about this when talking about bad ideas for models. Well, everybody have heard the old "stare into the abyss", well I stared into the abyss of extremely high fantasy and it stared back and shot this horrible idea into my brain. Presented here, hidden in a wall of text, about new creatures and models for our gaming world.

To the left is a part of the image that set it all off a year ago. I was flipping through my Tolkien Bestiary with it's... "characterful"... images and found a little story about swans pulling the ships of some or another group of elves. Later, my reminiscence of this image was mixed up with other things seen, and I figured they were flying with the ships in the air and in fact remember a new image of some dramatic elves standing on top of a swan ship pulled by actual swans. Turns out I had mixed this image up with another picture from the same book. An image with a really over the top elven swan ship.

And just recently, this image started to circulate our web-world. I had made a similar sketch but not as elaborate as this one - the sails might look silly but they are still a good and, in its own way, logical detail. The link I provided earlier in this text have the benefit of a little time stamp to show I in fact didn't get inspired by Warhammer. Not this time...

Humble beginning. What I really am looking forward to is to make the chariot. And how to crew it?
    The model will never be used in an actual battle, it is just for fun.

Inspirational swans. I really have to start sculpting the wings. In fact, two pairs if I follow my first plan... a boat-like sky-chariot (it lands and takes off from water, was the first idea) pulled by two giant swans.
     I can honestly say I find swans beautiful but such annoying birds, in fact I really hate these so called white beauties - more like bleached bone-coloured longnecked voyouns, breadcrumb-eating marauders. Bullies, that's what they are, when one is trying to eat one's little dinner out in the cabin by the sea, these little f*ckers come floating "oh, look at me, I'm beautiful, sweet and lovable" and the next second, BAM! Starts to hizz and behave in a general aggressive way. Not appreciated.

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