Elven Sky Chariot, blue-tacked assembly

Elven Sky Chariot consists of five main parts: A pair of giant swans, a sea-and-sky chariot (swans are waterliving birds), the base and the soon to be magnetized transparent pins and lastly the crew.
     I consider the yoke - well, not yoke, really, I intend it to look more of a set of ropes and heavy fabric, rather - to be my weakest part... I can't bring myself to copy the WHFB Sky Chariot's pulling ropes that are attached to the giant hawk, but I might just have to do that if I can't come up with something better on my own. I'd rather not, though...

And thanks to mr E.J J* this beutiful youtube link can be shared with those who might have missed it: Dom Hill's Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game Videos as well as his blog which seems to be a little slow at the moment due to personal reasons.

*) Trying to find E.J J's home on the net led me to youtube and I found a comment from someone called Dom - and I thought for a moment it might be the Dom from The Black Sun podcast! Naturally I clicked away further on and found the blog and YT-channel.

More pictures

I shall have to file the head on the leftmost swan. This is the general appearance of the whole model. The little personality a swan has, I think I managed to get a bit of it into the white flyer to the right by modeling it so it had a slight tilt, like it is veering a bit off course, whilst the lower one (tried to make it look like a female swan - they have slightly different heads - especially depending whether it is song swan or hump-beak swan) I tried to look passive.
      Swans aside: Models below are from GW's latest WHFB release. A phoenix that I might buy and further below, their Sky Cutter or what it's called... They are pertinent to the project presented in this post.

Pictures of sprues included for our enjoyment. Who doesn't love looking at sprues? Tell me one hobbyist that don't like watching them?


6 kommentarer:

  1. Your swans are perfect! Great chariot! Well done!

  2. And it isn't 100% finished yet so I hope I can add some character to it without going too far and making it WHFB high fantasy-like.

    We'll see how the painting goes, it might make or break this project :)

  3. Great progress, it going to look wonderful.

  4. The painting of the chariot turned out as problematic as I thought it would, though. But thank you Scott for your hopeful prognosis ;)

  5. This is looking great. When I first heard the idea I was somewhat skeptical, but it really does work. Good job so far, and I look forward to pictures of it painted.

    1. Thanks man! The painting has given me a headache - the chariot is not sleek and small enough so now I'm toying with the idea of making a new, smaller one.