GW pre-order: Radagast on Rabbit Sleigh

Up for pre-order or normal order, don't know, won't pay 40 quid for it, how characterful and charming it might be. Radagast the Brown on Rabbit Sleigh. Model's based on a 120 mm oval base.
It is unclear at the moment whether the scenic base parts are included. This is obviously a boxed product, not a clam-pack which might suggest the parts for the base is included.

Otherwise, I am nearing completion of the Elven Sky Chariot, whilst we are on the subject of whimsical chariots. Pictures will follow, ATM most parts are under the green stuff lamp to cure faster. I have riff-raffed up the base. If God wants it - inch'allah - I'll decorate it with some purple flowers. Inch'allah and if I know how to do it. The red berries made for the Council of Wizardry  tray turned out barely acceptable, so we'll have to wait and see.

Lastly, I shall finish with this picture of an eleven year old girl and her colleague:

Wait, colleague? Yep, turns out she's a Bangkok top-cop aged 27... or something along those lines, my thai isn't all that great. Whilst looking for how to spell the word "van" for the post earlier about cops and undercover vans in the area, I searched google images for "wan" and found this one. The investigators are pointing at drugs... I hereby take back everything I 've said about Swedish police girls being small and weak... But they are cute... and so are she, despite looking a tad too young. Ah-hrm...

2 kommentarer:

  1. A delightful collectable, but I am doubtful I will pay the price...

    1. I wonder if it would be feasable to make one by oneself, though... It is as you say, a wonderful little collectable... But I was surprised about the large base and am thinking how it will work in SBG-games. Would it be unusable in in-doors scenarios or caves? Probably.