New and updated links.

I have taken the liberty to update the links list to the right, as well as provide some new ones:

- Carroll's timber commercial. A must see.
- Secret Weapon's Kickstarter, modular gaming table.
- Larry Elmore. Fantasy illustrations.

And also, provided by a contact over at TWF, the reason why we see so very few Dwarf armies in WHFB with LotR-dwarves... the old pdf with explanations to why. I now remember reading this many years ago, but had forgotten it, so thank you for providing this link!

Tom Meier released a ninja cannon which amused me.

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  1. That is interesting about LOTR models not being allowed to be photographed etc due to the licence with new New Line. You do wonder what other fish hooks are in that contract.

    1. Yes, especially considering how much more expensive the Hobbit models are in comparison to the LotR-stuff.