Tom Meier's Elven Cavalry

As promised, some images of Tom Meier's finely sculpted elf cavalry. He did three different types of elves - I cannot remember their exact naming, but they were something along the lines of " ... of the Moon"; "of the Sun"; and "of the Star"... or something like it. I'll come back on this at a later date.
      When WotR was first released, I mainly focused on getting armies barely ready for the tabletop. Uncharacteristically I gave these knights some extra effort but with my, at the time, very limited skills with the brush, they ended up looking plainly basecoated, despite the hours put in.
       The riders will benefit greatly from the rework coming up. I have since originally painting these, gotten slightly better at painting and it will be interesting to see the difference. Because my painting do them no particular good, I have taken the liberty to attach another little picture at the bottom of this post. No information on the creator is available at this moment.

You know the childhood-feeling when you get something anticipated and highly wanted? These moments are rare in our age since we have our own money etc. But with these Elvish knights, the feeling of "Wow" and "yes, finally!" was significant. It was a real treat to open the box (which I in fact never did, a bloggin-colleague of mine, mr FoB, actually did - but it was a treat to visit him and remove the bubble-wrap etc).

I did not paint this fine object below! It is included to show the potential of Tom Meier's very fine sculpting. The studio nullhorizon.com took a long hiatus (that eventually turned into cyber-death) so I wasn't able to track down the person who did this one:

Time to go, see you in a few days!

4 kommentarer:

  1. wow. those are quite incredible. I love the leaf armor and the complete lack of saddle or other gear. I'll have to see if I can find some on ebay...

    Thanks for the extra pictures!

  2. it looks like they can still be purchased (various "Wood Elf Nobles") here:


    1. It must have been some problems when the transition was made from the old website to the new since I couldn't find these at all. Either that or I wanted to keep them for myself ;)

      The Wood Elf noble Hawtorne... my gawd, does it look sweet... The one I used as a captain for the squadron was the 8041 Wood elf champion.

      Seriously though, they never were up the first ten times or so I tried to find them again, I wasn't trying to keep them out of your pawns! :)

  3. Oh, and one little thing more: The differentiation of the horses in his Elf-line might be seen as lacking. This can easily be rectified by mixing the Tom Meier-horses up with horses from other lines. Just putting it out there to balance my all-out praise before.